“Another solid offering from best-selling Swedish author Backman, with many parallels for American readers and small towns everywhere.”



Just finished Bear Town by Fredrick Backman. I have read all of the authors books that have been published in the US, and this is by far his darkest book. But like the others, it is terrific.

Bear Town is a small town down on its luck, but the one thing the town still has is its young hockey teams. And the junior team looks like it can be great this season. And the team has a top player.

Like popular athletes everywhere, the world revolves around him. He is everybody’s darling. Something happens in Bear Town that will split family, friends, players and sponsors of the team apart.

That is when choices will need to be made, and lives will be affected by these choices. This is not a sports book, but, in many ways it is a book about love for a sport, and when in a small town, where that love means almost everything, it can elevate and it can destroy you.

Highly recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 24th June 2017

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