“Dostoyevski’s classic novel of murder and guilt, featuring the conflicted killer Raskolnikov.”


So, the book is a deep one. You know, going into the depths of human nature. And especially the dark nature of human being, the capability of one’s wretchedness.

The book at first seems like an ordinary one, I mean dry, hard to swallow. But after several pages you will start to digest it. It features a psycho. A more philosophical type and less psychopathic, but in the end he is a psycho.

The book actually, sometimes, reveals bitter truths, hard to accept, but when we read them we anyway have to accept them. It can help you to live your life more carefully, taking into account every probability and possibilty.

The book, in my opinion, is full of wisdom. Gives a person a more philosophical view of the world. It can help one to understand life better. When I read it, it gave me courage, a ray of hope, telling me, I’m not the only one, but many others too have suffering, and with suffering comes wisdom. So, the purpose of your life should be to suffer in order to live wisely.

I percieve that underage students too should be taught from this book, it can actually develop them into resilient and intelligent being and create a generation of philosophers, not hungery of money, but hungry of leadership, for the betterment of society. To form an alliance that could free the world of its miseries, shortcomings.

There is lot more to say but I think you should read it in order to know that by yourself.


Reviewed by:

A Faisal K

Added 7th October 2015