“With more twists than a Victorian corset, this is Sherlock for the mash-up generation. Tongue-in-cheek, knowing tales, with dollops of Penny Dreadful and a side salad of Atlantis.”



Dive into a hilarious spin on the classic Sherlock stories, in which Watson is the actual genius, and Mr. Holmes is a bumbling Warlock.

This book is blowing away people’s expectations, which is probably why it’s receiving such high star rankings on Amazon and Goodreads, and is ranked in the Top Ten Bestsellers on Amazon in multiple categories at the time of writing this article.

The author has taken the exact original stories from Arthur Conan Doyle almost scene for scene, and has artfully woven in the sci-fi and fantasy genre and a great deal of intelligent comedy. It has the silly-style humor of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, the originality and skillful story crafting of Neil Gaiman, and the cleverness of the BBC Sherlock series.

It’s also (my personal opinion) PG rated, which makes it an excellent choice for teens and young adults as well. I’m wishing my 9th grade English teacher had let us compare and contrast this book alongside an original A.C. Doyle book – that would have made for a memorable and engaging lesson!

I don’t want to give too many spoilers or jokes away. I think audiences can accurately imagine what the book is like, just from the title and cover alone. It’s a delicious romp through Victorian propriety, with ogres, vampires, demons, monsters, mysteries, clues, surprises, and laugh-out-loud kind of laughter.

This is the author’s first published novel, and I expect he’ll be successful in his career. He’s signed on with his publisher for at least three Warlock Holmes books. Prior credits include some small writing projects for Nintendo, Wizards of the Coast, Disney, and he’s also been performing improv comedy for most of his adult life.

The second book, Warlock Holmes: The Hell-Hound of the Baskervilles, was released just last week. Warlock Holmes books are available everywhere books are sold, in all English-speaking countries, and is published by Titan Books.


Reviewed by:

Kaylee Jean

Added 24th June 2017