“A colourful celebration of costumes and cultures from around the world.”


This is a book that floors with the vibrancy of its art. The work by Chaayha Prabhat is the stopper. Then one delves into the uniquely curated costumes that feature in this compendium of costumes from around the world – clothes are something that the pandemic has made us forget. However, this collection does not feature the expected– India, for example is not represented by the sari but by the colourful attire of a Banjara gypsy. As one turns the pages one voyages through different continents, starting with Asia.

There is the costume of Japan’s Ryusou Actor, worn by both sexes and differentiated by silken flowers in the hair for women, there are the interesting details of the Balinese dancer’s costume which go beyond the usual tourism reports and the many flounced skirts that drift through Brazil and Panama. Though the book is meant for children it is one that adults will want to hang onto for the sake of their education and the love of art, not to mention the fact that it is seriously stylish.


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 9th September 2021

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