“Through these predictions of good fortune and disasters, scandals and affairs, readers will gain an intimate sense of the rogue planet and its centrality to astrology.”


At a time when life is more uncertain than ever before, what’s lying in wait in the stars is even more important. Predictions and prophets have punctuated history during wars and plague times – the most notable being Nostradamus whose books of prophecies reportedly hold the key to centuries of events.

Greenstone Lobo, ex HR man, refers to himself a ‘scientific astrologer’ and says that predictions are based on accurate readings of the positions of the planets. In this book he links past and present – for example Spanish flu and Covid, birth years of superstars and highlights similarities in planet positions.
The crux of the forecast depends on Pluto and those who are Grey Lizards and Eagles under the planetary sign. Having whetted the reader’s appetite, Lobo embarks on his 91 predictions which range from subjects like Will Amit Shah become Prime Minister, Harry and Meghan’s future, the future of fossil fuels and climate change, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, Priyanka Chopra and Leonardo Di Caprio to mention just a few.
In all a mix of 91 trending subjects supported by his analysis of planetary positions and what one may or may not expect. These are in a sense diagnostics since the planetary conjunctions can only reveal so much, but there is enough to hint at what 2030 and beyond may bring. The hint will impel those interested in astrology and fans of current affairs to go through the pages to find some authoritative answer to the chaos that is the current time.

Lobo believes in reincarnation, so if you’re not around in 2030 or so, take comfort from the fact that you may return to find out what came true and what did not!


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 23rd September 2021

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