“Fiona Griffiths is one of the most unusual and engaging characters in British crime fiction. Those who haven’t yet encountered Fiona will be drawn into a beautifully crafted world.”



Earlier this year I wrote a review of the first of Fiona Griffiths books and mentioned that I didn’t think I would be looking for more of them. I was wrong with that comment.

This latest book I’ve just finished is pretty good considering my earlier comments. I bought it by accident as part of another The Works three for a fiver deals. In this one Fiona has become engaged to Buzz, another copper and soon takes a place in an undercover officer course, and comes top of the class.

Not long after she takes her first undercover role where it’s hoped she can get evidence on a fraud case. May I ask if you know anything of Cotard’s Syndrome? No, I hadn’t either but Bingham gives a very brief description of it in a note at the end of the book. Anyway … Fiona has Cotard’s but as an adult it’s not showing much really – until she takes up the legend she now has to live.

What she finds is a plan to commit the largest ever fraud/robbery in UK history. The whole thing is possible through company computers and their use of a payroll software. Fiona lives a rough in Cardiff, sleeping on the streets and then in hostel. She finally gets a job as a payroll clerk where she comes into the sights of the baddies. She spends time in a farmhouse where she learns how to hack a computer, and the rest is history, as they say …

The story rattles along for 439 pages and most of the baddies are caught and banged up. Fiona however, is beginning to struggle with her two identities … and that’s as much as I going to say.


Reviewed by:

Ron Clark

Added 5th November 2017

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