“This one is a far darker tale about murder, suicide, gangsters and facing hard family truths.”



Helen Stephens is a 5 year old girl who suffers from epilepsy. Whilst out in the car one day with her mother, she suffers a seizure and wakes up to find her mother dead, with a woman beside her with a knife and blood on her hands.

Twenty years later, her mother’s killer is released from prison and Helen sets our for revenge.

She tracks her mother’s killer down to living in a half way house which is run by Jason Moody.

Helen visits Jason and persuades him to let her stay at the half way house. Helen gives nothing away about her past. Jason is besotted by Helen, but little does he know she is only there to seek vegance.

The friendship starts with both holding secrets from each other about their family, but over time the pair fall in love. With Jason’s help, Helen finds out what really happened to her mother.

The story is filled with twists and the characteristics are very well created. The book draws you in and you find yourself wanting to just read the next chapter to find out the story.

Half way through the book it becomes clear to the reader what happened to her mother, but is still worth the read on to discover even more twists.

I’d rate this book 6/10


Reviewed by:

Sarah Griffiths

Added 6th March 2015

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