“Choc lit have delivered a superb romantic thriller in this twisty turn tale that has you asking questions from the very start.”



Dr Lia’s grandmother dies unexpectedly and so Lia has to leave her life in America and return to Norfolk in England. Whilst she is in Norfolk, certain events unfold and memories and mysteries from the past and present begin to taunt her, Lia cannot help but feel that there was more than meets the eye to her grandmother’s death and she sets about discovering secrets and more.

Lia meets her old flame, Aidan when she arrives back in Norfolk. However all is not as it seems there either and, Aidan has secrets that he wants to keep to himself as well.

This book is so gripping and intriguing and almost impossible to put down! Questions occur from page 1 of reading the book and you find yourself trying to unravel the tale and change your mind with every page.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and will look out for other work from the same author!

I rate Up Close 9/10


Reviewed by:

Sarah Griffiths

Added 28th July 2015

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