“A brilliantly addictive novel that wraps its hands around your throat on page one and doesn’t let go.”



Don’t you want to be like them? The famous politician who has a great life and his brother, the retired teacher? Surely their lives are charmed.

But teenagers happen, don’t they? Teenagers with poor impulse control and cellphones and too much time on their hands do things their parents have to live with, and maybe some parents will be compelled to protect their children from the consequences of such things. Maybe.

And maybe you don’t know the whole story.

Or even part of it.

Or maybe you don’t know the back story.

Or what he’s done to protect his child before this.

And maybe you’re not quite sure what you saw on that video.

Maybe you don’t know much about anything but what you can see… a ‘happy family’ eating at an upscale restaurant, one of those places that has more space-on-the-plate than actual food. And that each course is bringing us closer to the parents actually talking about the thing that has the potential to tear their families apart.

Koch gives us small bites to chew on during the course of “The Dinner.” I liked the small pieces, the way the stories were drawn out… a little backstory with the appetizer, a much larger part of the story during the main course, and some really important bits of groundwork during dessert.


Reviewed by:

Kerri Beany Foulks

Added 29th May 2016

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