“The story is a little twisted if you compare it with other stories written by Indian authors.”



It’s a long book filled with so many characters and mysteries. First two pages of poems will tell you if you will be able to understand the story or not.

The story circles around Frenzo, Ranjil, Fupalini, Hunter, Sbrio and Lpoki. And of course Xerine Vl’krane – the woman you will want to meet as soon as you heard about her, eventually you will. Forest, fort, villages, cities, technology, myth, history, non-humans, beasts – don’t know which category this book will fall in.

A good read though! Took some time to understand Kzalth, Osereine, Oreile, Lost World, Shijora etc.

I will not be a spoiler, but have a close look on the characters if you don’t want the story to blow your mind up. 😉

Read it if you want to fall in the story that is full of suspense and unpredictable. Ready to read the second book after reading the last two chapters!



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Added 17th November 2015