“A gorgeously romantic escape – a summer holiday in book form.”


Hello, Again is the latest novel from Isabelle Broom. Similarly to her previous novels, Hello, Again takes the reader on a journey abroad to some truly beautiful and amazing places, all from the comfort of their own homes, this time though it’s not just one destination but several. As a child, Pepper, now an artist and teacher, dreamed of travelling and exploring the world with her younger sister, Bethan. As an adult, however, Pepper rarely even leaves her seaside home in Suffolk, leave alone travels abroad. So, when her elderly neighbour and friend, Josephine, asks her to accompany her on a trip to Europe to find a long-lost lover, Pepper gets her first taste of holidaying abroad in Lisbon, Portugal.

Here, she meets the handsome German, Finn, who she quickly falls for. Still shrouded in family secrets and history though, the course of Pepper’s life does not run smoothly in the fairytale love story she hopes for. Family drama and further secrets in life unravel making Pepper question everything about her once quiet and uneventful life.

Hello Again is not only packed full of beautiful places, blossoming friendships and love, and family drama, it paints much of its story through the medium of art. From Pepper’s own artwork in her studio/teaching space to the mosaic arts in Lisbon, the importance of art and believing in your own art (whatever that may be) is an integral part of this novel.

A story of romance and perhaps, more importantly, friendship and family bonds, Isabelle Broom’s Hello, Again is an emotional and warming trip around the world, where the journey is sometimes more significant than the end destination. A perfect holiday read, once more, Isabelle Broom has successfully created a novel with a plot that keeps you hooked and descriptions of stunning destinations that depict such a vivid image in the readers’ mind.


Reviewed by:

Catherine Muxworthy, Booksbirdblog

Added 20th August 2020

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