“Gloriously escapist, unashamedly romantic, witty and hugely enjoyable.”


Travel-romance writer, Isabelle Broom returns with her latest novel entitled The Getaway which this time jets readers off to Croatia for the summer.

Most people travel to Croatia for the sun, pebbled beaches, and cool, clear sea but Kate goes there to disappear and to escape from her London life which has fallen apart following a very public and humiliating incident. No one on the beautiful Croatian island of Hvar knows what Kate has come to escape from except for her brother Toby (and his partner) who are hosting her stay.

Through Toby and his husband Filippo, the reader not only gets to see a protective and loving sibling relationship between Kate and Toby woven through the story but they also get to be a part of the bantering and warm LGBTQIA+ marriage of Toby and Filippo.

While in Croatia, Kate meets Alex who is very different from any man she’s met before and an undeniable connection is formed between them. In his safety, Kate begins to open up in ways she’s never done before but she’s not the only one in Hvar with hidden secrets and as the novel progresses in twists and turns, the reader can begin trying to guess what secrets the characters may hold.

Isabelle Broom’s stunning new novel is mysterious in places but ultimately, it is a classic tale of escapism, finding your happiness, and of course, romance, set to the truly magnificent backdrop of Croatia. As always, this author paints such a vivid image of her setting that readers can imagine they are following Kate down the twisted back streets and across stony beaches or feel the sun on their skin as Kate sails across the waters to neighbouring islands. Broom’s descriptions of Hvar and other parts of Croatia visited during the novel are an absolute testament to the research she puts into the writing.

As well as exploring this amazing country, the author also touches on some difficult topics including; mental health, and what it truly means to be happy outside of relationships. This is a touching and warm tale about family and friendships, about finding passions, and finding love. Each of the characters in Broom’s novel also showcases flaws and experiences failures – whether small or large – acting as a reminder to readers that these aspects of humanity aren’t the end of the world if you can learn to love and appreciate yourself and focus on the good.

If you enjoyed Isabelle Broom’s previous novels, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.


Reviewed by:

Catherine Muxworthy, Booksbirdblog

Added 3rd June 2021

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