“One of the greatest literary adventures of modern times.”


The fourth book in the series. By now you will be completely addicted. You started off with the first book, it was fun and you enjoyed it, but you could take it or leave it. Book two had you wanting more and by the end of book three you were doomed, you had to have more.

Long nights of cold sweats and fevered wakening hours waiting for the next book. J. K. Rowling had become your shady, back alley dealer providing you with all your wand waving, magical, spell casting needs. She knows what she’s doing that lady.

The fourth book feeds your addiction very nicely. Ms. Rowling is really into her stride in this book, and it only adds to the reading experience. She takes the time and space to intricately detail everything. A good example of this is the beginning of the book, with a good proportion of it being based at, and about, the Quidditch World Cup.

In previous books I get the feeling this would have been kept to a minimum, but the scope and size of this book enables her to impart small details and clues that enhance the story no end. It’s all part of the writing skill to lead you deeper and deeper into a very convincing world and gripping story line. There are stories within stories going on now and this leaves you in no doubt that you are only part way through a grand and epic journey, accompanied by characters that you really know and care about.

This book could be read as a stand alone story, but don’t. Just don’t. You will be missing out on so much. If you’re going to read this I beg you to read it as part of the series, it will reward you so much more. The writing grows along with the characters, and you, the reader. It feels like one big adventure that you’re lucky enough to have been invited along to.

So Harry and his friends go from strength to strength, they grow up, they have teenage angst, they have moral dilemmas, they are tested, but they also have fun. All in all, it’s parallels with everyday life are well dealt with. It education, it’s adventure, it’s loss and death, it’s strength and weakness. It’s a hell of a roller coaster ride. Who doesn’t want to read about that?


Reviewed by:

Jake Mann

Added 9th October 2015

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