“I love the writing style, lots of interesting stuff to learn (history, science and geography).”



This is one of the best Sci-Fi reads I’ve read earlier this year. I believe this book was first published in 1999. Long story short, the story follows a team assigned to explore an underground cave in Antarctica consisting a team of archaeologists, biologist and geologist. They were on a mission to retrieve two lost teams who had entered the cave but never came out to find their way back home again.

The cave has a dark secret, an ancient secret that still lurking deep down, which becomes a mysterious phenomenon where at times they heard screaming of unnatural creatures. Deep curiosity made the team wants to explore more when the fact that they were ordered to get back to base immediately to abort the mission. Denying the order given, the team decides to go on with the mission which later on becomes their worse nightmare which lead to their own doom.

The story was really good from the very beginning, the conversation was very fascinating, I love the writing style, lots of interesting stuff to learn (history, science and geography), fast pace, characters different point of views and I must say that the author crafted the story so damn well.

There’s also some romance in this book but at times it can be really cringy. And honestly, this book could have been really great if it is adapted into a film. Still, powerfully told, five stars, recommended.


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M.D Khamil

Added 12th March 2017

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