“Sallis is a sure hand—characters and prose, of course, dialogue, too, but he is also a subtle weaver of plot, with the perfect level of push. His descriptions evoke a place more real than mere realism could render, and his people speak and sweat and live and die and it’s all a great pleasure.”



This is the story of Sarah. A former member of our armed forces, a wife, a cook and anything else that came her way.  She meets a cop named Cal, a local sheriff who gets her to join his little group.

Eventually  Cal will disappear and Sarah will take his job, and her first assignment is to find out what happened to him.

This short novel of 207 pages is a real character study.  We will learn all about Sarah’s past, and the secrets she holds close to her heart. But the surprises here are that this is a town of lots of secrets, and Sarah’s and Cal’s will lead to the climax of our story, and the lessons they learned from their secrets.  That sometimes no matter how hard you run, you really can’t escape your past.  A good quick read.  Recommended


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 15th February 2020

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