“Not just a great story, it also gives tips on uniforms, tryouts, pep rallies and much more.”



The Cheer USA series is The Baby-Sitters Club for jocks, judging by the two I’ve read, and Ready, Shoot, Score is no exception.

The amount of major and secondary characters in such a short, shallow book ensures that you won’t truly care for any of them—except maybe Joan, and that’s only because her parents are so unlikable.

The cheerleading details had me lost, since I’m far from athletic.

The poetry Melody (or some such character) recites gets glowing compliments from Joan, but I skimmed it because it was lame. And I never do that, no matter how bad the writing gets…

I’m glad Alexis and Emily become friends again, and at least Jake talked to his grandmother about the fire, but other than that, there’s no conclusion. Cliffhangers are okay in some cases, but this isn’t one of them.

Back to Joan’s parents. They’re terrible. I understand why they wouldn’t like cheerleading, but they’re overbearing about it, they pressure her into piano lessons…the list goes on.

I hope a different cheerleading book (Dare Me by Megan Abbott) turns out better.


Reviewed by:

Raevyn, aged 14

Added 29th August 2015

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