“An engrossing, sexy nail-biter! I’m delighted to join the Daemon invasion.”



Opposition is the 5th and the final book in the lux series!!! Oh, how much I love this series<3
If you do not know what this series is about :
It is about a girl, Katy. She moves to a new town with her mom after her father’s death. The people their are a bit weird. And their next door neighbours happen to be aliens! And not any aliens, hot, swoon worthy aliens *.*

If you haven’t picked up the series yet I highly, highly recommend it. The writing style of this book was so sassy and fun to read. I don’t usually find myself laughing out loud while reading books but this series kept me thoroughly entertained!
Now if you haven’t read it yet I would like you to read it and then come back and read the whole review coz I don’t want to spoil you guys.

Book review (opposition) :-
Opposition picks up right after where origin ended. Origin ended on a BIG cliffhanger! It ended when Daemon, Dee and Dawson go with the aliens who came to invade. And honestly, I thought that Daemon would be brainwashed or something. But in the starting of opposition, I was really confused. I mean when I read Daemon’s pov I wasn’t able to make sure which side was he on. And it was really starting to freak me out!

When Dawson hit Katy in the store, gotta say I did not see that coming! And Daemon was there but he didn’t do anything, I really thought he was with the bad Luxen. But all of it cleared out and I was so relieved! What I wasn’t expecting was how Dee became a total bitch! I had enough of Dee in the last books when she avoided Katy. She was so not tolerable! And when she comes tries to kill Daemon and throws Katy through a DAMN WALL!
Whoa! What the hell? She was her friend right? She was supposed to resist whatever the hold the other Luxen had on her. Never mind. Now let’s talk about Luc. I really liked that kid. And I was really sad that he couldn’t save that girl. Not everyone gets their happy endings πŸ™ And the Arum, Hunter and his relationship with Serina just mirrored that of Daemon’s and Katy’s<3

The scene where they go to her mom’s house! It played out just as I predicted. I knew that the DOD would straight go to her mom after their disappearance. Of course they would go to her weak point, i.e. her mother. I can’t believe they didn’t see that coming.
When it was revealed that Daemon and Katy were not connected as they had assumed, I really started to think that one of them would die. I was on the edge till the last scene.
It just hooked me and I just couldn’t put it down!

Overall, this book was an amazing end to an amazing series<3


Reviewed by:

Muskan Sehgal

Added 23rd June 2015