“When choices have to made and friendships are tested.”



Handle with care tells the story of Willow who is born with a severe form of brittle bone disease. If she slips she can spend months in hospital, as her body is so frail. Willow’s mother, Charlotte faces financial difficult in caring for her daughter. Special equipment and care all cost money, which she does not have.

When at hospital one day, Charlotte, is told by the doctors that she could sue her doctor for not informing Charlotte of Willow’s medical condition and giving Charlotte the decision to abort the baby. Charlotte is told of how much money she could receive in Court and learns that the amount would be able to set Willow up for life.

However, the doctor that dealt with Charlotte throughout her pregnancy is her best friend. Charlotte faces the decision whether she puts the life of her daughter or the childhood friendship that she values so much first. If Charlotte is to take to the stand in Court and sue her best friend, she is also admitting to the world that she would have aborted her child if she had been given this option. This story takes the familiar court room and family drama.

This book is a must read for all Jodi Picoult fans and is one of her best. Jodi really gets to the heart of the drama, capturing all the feelings and emotions from all sides.

I rate Handle with Care 8/10


Reviewed by:

Sarah Griffiths

Added 8th March 2015

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