“Harstad combines the perfectly paced creepiness of classic Twilight Zone episodes with Battlestar Galactica’s chilling portrayal of the vast, unknowable emptiness of space.”



Talking about Sci-Fi, am in. Nope, no Star Wars please. So 172 Hours on the Moon, has everything what I wanted in a Sci-Fi story. So basically to say that it meets my expectation but even greater!

This is one of my favorite reads last year and man this book is the creepiest one I’ve read so far in a Sci-Fi history!

Short summary, this book tells about three teenagers that have been selected by NASA to travel to the moon and stay there for a week, on a moon base called Darlah 2, after they have won the international ‘Trip to the moon lottery’ organized by NASA. This base were made back decades ago around 1970’s for moon exploration and a classified history that should never be mentioned before the public.

Things going on so well but everything changes when their base suddenly experienced complex malfunctions, where it affects the electricity and oxygen level. Chaos ensues, they cannot call and report back to earth and NASA has confirmed the public that the trip had failed and they all died on the mission. But actually they were NOT! They were actually NOT alone, as they have been watched the moment they step their foot on the moon.

This story kept me hook from the very first page, I kept on turning the pages, because it was that good. The writing style is lovely and easy to understand and I was fascinated by the conversation in this book. Also you’ll get to learn awesome stuff about space exploration and a true event that really happen in the history of extra terrestrial encounters and astronomy. This book is more like a Sci-Fi with a mixture of paranormal mystery and thriller. I was expecting alien but it was not. I love surprises. A very good read, enjoyed it a lot. Easy 5 Stars from me.

P/S: If you decide to pick this book up, make sure you read it before June 2019, because the event in this book takes place in that year, which is about two and a half year from now. Happy reading.


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M.D Khamil

Added 29th January 2017

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