“Quinn brings a fresh approach to this charming retelling of the Cinderella story, enhancing the tale.”



A wonderful uptake on the classic Cinderella story. Being made a servant by the cruel money hungry step-mother , Sophie does her best to stay light hearted and strong. Slipping away to a masquerade ball in secret wasn’t her idea but she knew she had to go and loved honoring her dead mother by wearing her outdated silver ball gown. Even though years go by, the man she met that night never left her mind or her dreams.

Years later saving a mistreated servant Benedict falls in love with her but cannot tell his family he loves someone in a lower class and also the dreams of his mystery woman in silver keep him from pursuing her. So he desperately tries to forget his love but his loving Mother tells him to follow his heart and he will find his dreams as well.


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Added 12th September 2015