Pulse-pounding action, an appealing heroine, and the inner workings of the White House Kitchen.”



Olivia Paras, aka Ollie, has finally gotten the promotion she was vying for. From Assistant Chef, she’s now the Executive Chef of the White House.

In this second book, Ollie is settling in her new role. It’s Christmas time in and the entire White House is preparing for the holidays. But things can never be calm at the White House, can it?

While in a meeting with the First Lady, Mrs. Campbell, and her nephew, Sean Baxter, an incendiary device is found on the property.  Ollie is forced into a safety bunker with both of them, and the ever-curious Ollie can’t help but overhear a discussion between them. The discussion revolves around Zendy Industries, of which Mrs Campbell is a part owner. The other parties are interested in selling and changing the original vision of the company but neither is she interested, nor does Sean encourage her to do so.

The trio are eventually released, since it was a prank scare; and Ollie goes about planning the meticulous menus of the various events planned. The prank scare beefs up the already tight security at the White House, and now all staff are forced to attend security training.

Unfortunately, while checking up on a power fault, the White House chief electrician, Gene, is electrocuted and dies. Ollie tries to find out the cause, but she doesn’t get any support or help from the other electricians. Before things can settle down, Sean Baxter is found dead; having apparently committed suicide.

As Ollie inadvertently gets drawn into the Zendy scam, she becomes Mrs Campbell’s support throughout her grief.

Between juggling her duties in the kitchen, and trying to unveil the truth behind the Zendy scam; Ollie continues to find herself in risky situations.

What will happen to Zendy Industries?

Will Ollie be able to solve the mystery of Sean and Gene’s death?

Amidst all this, will she be able to successfully deliver the mega-lunch, replete with the awesome gingerbread rendering of the White House?

I’m addicted to this series.

Fast-paced and breezy; in addition to the thrilling storyline, the White House’s preparation for the holidays was very interesting.

If you haven’t read one of this series yet, pick it up now!

You won’t regret it.

5/5 for me.


Reviewed by:

Ranjini Sen

Added 12th December 2017

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