“Reading Libertie can feel like reading Toni Morrison. Such a comparison, however, is a disservice to Kaitlyn Greenidge, who is an original light, a writer to emulate, a master of the craft, and a mind we’re fortunate to have living among us.”



This novel takes place just after the civil war has ended, and begins in a small black community in Brooklyn, New York.

Libertie is the daughter of a doctor. Her mother dreams of sending Libertie to medical school so they can work beside each other. She already has begun teaching her by having Libertie sometimes watch and work with her.

Libertie goes to school and while there she begins to have second thoughts regarding being a doctor. She also longs to be free of the life of her mother. When she returns from school she meets her mothers new assistant, Emmanuell, a young doctor from Haiti. This meeting changes everything.

Libertie makes the decision to begin a new life, and the rest of the story concerns her life after this decision.
A well written tale, you can’t help being drawn into Libertie’s life, and the ramifications of her decision.
Highly recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 10th June 2021

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