“Walker offers a novel bursting with ideas, probing the scary and tantalizing possibilities at the edges of our existence.”



This story takes place in a fictional town in Southern California. People are starting to fall asleep and you can’t wake them up. It starts in a college dorm where a young lady falls asleep and her roommate cannot awaken her. Slowly more students start to succumb to this sleeping sickness. After the college is quarantined the local townspeople begin to become affected.

The book is told through the stories of a few people. Mei, the room mate of the first victim, a married couple with a newborn, a single dad raising his 2 daughters and Matthew, another student who teams up with Mei to help care for the sleeping as the numbers asleep soon are too much for the first responders to handle. The entire town is soon sealed off and almost every family has someone fall victim to this problem.

The one thing that is very noticeable amongst all the sleepers is that they are obviously dreaming, their brain waves are off the charts and you can see by their facial expressions that their brains are very active.

Are they all dreaming the same thing? Are the dreams messages that need to be sent to those others as warnings about things about to come to pass? Or are they personal to each individual. Only when a few start to wake up will we find that out.

This is a pretty good story. Some may not be satisfied with the ending, but it’s an easy read, well written, with a terrific hook of a storyline. Judge for yourselves.

I recommend you do that.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 6th May 2019

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