“A darkly comic tale about Mr Less-Than-Average in an average world.”


Poor Martin. Picked on in school, the butt of jokes from his coworkers, and still living at home under the thumb of his mother who just happens to be more caustic than Drain-o. Look up the word loser in the dictionary and there you’ll find a picture of Martin Reed in all his pitiful glory.

Martin is chubby, dumpy, and so naive that he thinks Madame Glitter’s is a legitimate massage parlor. The only time Martin likes his life is when he is reading a crime novel or watching Dancing With the Stars.

When one of his coworkers is brutally murdered, without a doubt Martin will become the prime suspect. That’s just the way life is for poor Martin. But things start to look up when Detective Anther Albada is assigned to his case. Is it possible that this lovely woman could fall in love with him? Martin soon finds that he might just do anything to spend more time with her.

I listened to the audio book version of this extremely short story (2.5 hours). Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld) was the perfect choice for the narrator. I did have a bit of a problem with his portrayal of Det. Albada’s voice, too masculine. Also the mother’s voice is very sharp if you’re wearing earphones. Other than those two things his narration was spot on and downright RIOTOUS!

Martin Misunderstood is the most hilarious book I’ve listened to in years. Even if you prefer reading your books please consider the audio version so that you can experience Wayne Knight’s excellent narration. I highly (!!!) recommend listening while you’re alone. I’m so glad I’m by myself in the building at night.

The first ten minutes of the book, breakfast with Martin and his mother, were so funny I was actually doubled over with laughter. Be forewarned, listening with earphones while on public transportation may get you kicked off the bus. Listening without earphones will definitely result in you walking as there are a couple of very racy scenes.

Did Martin get fed up with being bullied and belittled? Was Martin framed?

Is Martin misunderstood? Or will Martin find that he was the one that misunderstood?

This book is most definitely a reread (when I’m alone) and rates a 5 on my bookometer.


Reviewed by:

Teresa M

Added 30th May 2015

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