“Beautiful in every sense…”



Edward Tulane, possessed of such a glorious name, thinks he is indeed quite remarkable, if not spectacular.

Edward is a china rabbit, possessed of real fur on his ears. A gift of his owner’s grandmother, Edward has a very large wardrobe as well as a golden watch. He sits at the dinner table with Abilene, his owner, and her family. He gets tucked in each night by grandmother. This would an ideal existence for Edward if it continued the same, but then, it would really be a story, would it?

Abilene’s family needs to move to England. Grandmother stays behind, telling Edward he must protect Abilene. But Edward is the one in need of protection with two young boys on the ship start tossing him around, until he flies overboard. From the bottom of the sea, from owner to owner, all in different (and much less elegant existances than his first owner), Edward has much to learn about feelings and love.

This is a large type, chapter book that would be good read aloud to younger children or placed in the hands of third graders. (Please note, I’m not a teacher so I’m guessing here.) It’s a gentle story, though it does have some sad events. Even as an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and immediately put it in my Free Little Library to share with my neighborhood.



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Added 4th November 2015