“An historic house, a long buried mystery, a dash of romance – familiar ingredients for Morton’s bestsellers… Delicious and chunky.”



This has to be my favorite of Kate Morton’s books, so far.

Set in Cornwall, and centered around a Lake House that has been closed and empty for seventy years, there are several plot lines that all eventually tie together in the end.

Told by most of the main characters and going back and forth from 1931 -2003, the story moves quickly. The descriptions of the countryside, life in the 30’s are well done.  Characters are detailed so well, and their depth of feelings, flesh out a plot that is wide spread but not random.

Sadie Sparrow is a police inspector who is advised to take a holiday after she leaks information to the press about a case that in her mind is not resolved.

Sadie goes to Cornwall to visit her grandfather, while she is out running she finds the abandoned lake house. Closed after the family’s youngest child disappeared and was never found.

Alice Edevane, a very successful mystery writer, is 93 years old. She grew up in that Lake House and it was her brother who disappeared all those years before.

Sadie decides to look into that long ago case and eventually she will cross paths with Alice.

This will be a Book Club favorite.


Reviewed by:

Kathleen Capabianco

Added 6th August 2017