“It’s a truth universally acknowledged that one novel couldn’t possibly succeed as Austen pastiche, science fiction, romance, and satire all at once, but Flynn has achieved this feat, and has written an excessively diverting tale.”


Jane Austen could not have known or believed she would be so important and loved by millions of readers even over two centuries after her death. Not only her books but the multitude of visuals made to bring her work to life. Another much written about genre is time travel…we humans who love technology dare to dream the impossible… that time travel might one day be realized.

In this work the author meshes two favorite subjects, time travel and Jane Austen. Sometime in the future time travel has become possible and a group who desire more answers to Ms. Austen’s life and works send two travelers into the past to retrieve her letters and the completed manuscript for The Watsons.

Even after thorough research about the era in which she lives they have some missteps and find their mission in jeopardy. I really enjoyed this work and the historic people that were brought to life. It was a fun read and gives the reader a glimpse into what the life and times of this very important literary figure could have been. If you love Jane Austen you are sure to enjoy reading this.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 19th April 2020

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