“Entertaining new take on an old thriller story form. Makes Buffy look fluffy.”



I love Kelley Armstrong and ‘Bitten’ is the first novel of 13 (and lots of side novellas) in one of my favourite all time series.

It tells the story of the reluctant, only female in the world werewolf Elena, who is the most kick ass and amazing lead character ever. She left her Pack, moved forward with her human life and never looked back. Until a phone call from her Alpha saying they need her back to stop them being exposed by someone who is leaving half eaten bodies on Pack territory.

Unfortunately, this is only the start of a deeper plot to overthrow the pack.

Elena becomes immersed in the Pack life, despite her kicking and screaming all the way. Being involved in Pack life also means being involved with her former lover and with a fiancé waiting for her back in the human world, Elena is left struggling with the concept of family and whether what she always wanted was already there in front of her.

Full of action, romance and werewolves, Bitten is a brillaint start and leaves you wanting much more. If you like authors such as Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Rachel Caine then you will love Kelley Armstrong.



Reviewed by:

Alison Belcher

Added 4th January 2016