“An absolutely terrific thriller, so pulse-pounding, so ingenious in its plotting, and so frighteningly realistic that you simply cannot stop reading.”


‘Die Nadel’ –  Literally meaning ‘The needle’ is a German spy who’s been successfully living undercover in England throughout the world war 2 days evading the MI5 with consummate ease.

Die Nadel is ruthless, merciless, efficient, methodical and one of the best fictional spies I’ve ever come across.

He also happens to be the only man in Germany whose word Hitler accepts as Gospel truth. So, since he’s working for the Third Reich, and killing people while trying to thwart the biggest deception plan in history (the Allies landing at Normandy), you would think he should be very easy to hate. Absolutely wrong! I just loved ‘Die Nadel’ the same way I loved ‘The Jackal’. The way he thinks, acts and takes split second  decisions is absolutely fascinating.

And since I’ve been serial reading Follett, it was about time that I read his first bestseller that shot him to international fame at the age of 27. The research is as always impeccable and the dialogues of legendary historical figures like Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Rommel, Guderian are totally believable.

Will recommend it to everyone.



Reviewed by:

Aditya Singh

Added 15th October 2017

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