“The action and the tension should keep fans happily turning pages.”



Ken Follett delivers another whirlwind of emotional intrigue, suspense, drama and  adventure (with a generous serving of erotica) set in the 18th century taking us on an epic journey from the Coal mines of a  Scottish village to the mean streets of London to the Tobacco plantations of Virginia.

Follett does what he does best – invoke a deep sense of sympathy and understanding for colourfully developed characters in a particular era at a particular place.

And thanks to the impeccable research, you learn a thing or two about the dreadful conditions of coal miners or the arrogance and indifference of the Wealthy English Gentry or that you could be given the death penalty for even minor offences.

And the best part about him as always is that he never gets preachy, and the essence of the novel revolves around the central character – Rebel miner Mack Mcash in this case. The only reason I’ve not given it a perfect 5 star rating is because of some implausible scenes (not just the erotic ones with which I felt he was too generous, but also some fight & chase sequences).

Definitely a top class read, not amongst his best 5 works though.



Reviewed by:

Aditya Singh

Added 14th October 2017

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