“Katie and Tom’s marriage is in trouble. As is their bank account”


This novel leads the reader on a rollercoaster ride through the life of Katie who is unhappily upended in Australia.

It follows her as she copes with the trials and tribulations of living in a very different country to England, dealing with traditions and customs very alien to her home life. It touches on infidelity and parenthood, identity and belonging.

The book is well written and the characters are so real that occasionally I wanted to get on a plane to Sydney and shake some sense into Katie.

Smith has put great detail into her writing so that the reader feels as if they are sitting right there with the characters, seeing, feeling, and smelling all of the surroundings.

The American author Nathaniel Hawthorne was quoted as saying that “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” This book was more than easy reading- it was confronting, challenging and entertaining and has left me wondering when Smith’s next book will be out.


Reviewed by:

Sally Ryan

Added 12th June 2015