“Painted on a vast canvas, it is a story that stays with you.”



An emotional ride that took me across generations and continents, this one is a must read.

I love the previous two books by the author and this one has such beautiful writing that I didn’t want it to end.

The love between siblings Abdullah and  Pari,the baby sister he has nurtured since birth is so heartwarming and their relationship so simple and warm.

On the arduous trek across the desert that changes their lives forever, this brother – sister duo cling onto each other as if they can sense what’s in store for them once they reach their destination.

Peopled with a multitude of characters scattered across the world, the story illuminates the bonds between human beings bound together in various relationships and how these affect their lives. Be it the cook who becomes much more to his employer or the aid worker who wants to treat more than the physical wounds of the child in her care, the daughter who doesn’t know how to help her mother or the one who doesn’t think she is doing enough, these are people who struggle in search of the happiness and contentment we all look for, whether for themselves or those close to them.

The political situation in Afghanistan serves as a backdrop and it is possible to feel the pain of those most affected through the pictures painted by the words.

Painted on a vast canvas, it is a story that stays with you.


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 5th May 2019

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