“Huge heart, humour and compassion.
A sparkling tale about the power of secrets, loyalty and love, this novel is wonderfully engaging, gorgeously written and has characters that will captivate you.”



This is the story of Penn and Rosie a married couple who have 4 children, all boys.  They are expecting a fifth and Rosie is finally hoping for a girl.

When Claude is born it’s now 5 boys.

But by he time Claude is about 4 years old, he starts identifying himself as a girl.  Thus begins the story of a family, and how they deal with their transgender child.  It is a story of decisions, and how these decisions will affect every family member.

Decisions made with the best intentions, and with all the love in the world, sometimes are not the right ones.  It’s a book of secrets, when they should be kept, and when the truth might be the better option.

I have never been interested enough to read about the transgender issue, but this book was so enlightening to the many issues this family had to deal with.  In this case, total love rules in this family, and even then, life can be so difficult.

A very well written book, well worth your time in reading


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 19th August 2017

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