“Beauty Queens’ is a madcap surrealist satire of the world in which her readers have come of age – reality TV, corporate sponsorship, product placement, beauty obsession – but ultimately, it’s a story of empowering self-discovery.”


This book was one of the recommended Audiobooks on a Reading Addicts post. I got the Book on CD from the library then saw the physical copy, so I picked that up too. I read the book in maybe 24 hours?? I can imagine that the Audio would be super entertaining, I just didn’t have a long drive planned…..

Miss Teen Dream Beauty Pageant!! 50 contestants are on a plane that crashes on an island. All but 13 girls are dead. A few want to do things like find food, shelter and water, but Miss Texas takes control and makes sure they continue practicing for the pageant, and maintain their beauty regiments so when they are picked up they are ready and looking their best!! But days and days go by and they need to survive not just look pretty. They’ve all been brainwashed into being good girls, following the rules set by their parents and managers and the pageants and society. But as they realize that their “talents” for the pageant can actually do some good, they begin to believe in themselves and begin to thrive.

Miss Texas goes crazy and runs off, Reality show Pirates get shipwrecked on their island and there is a secret gov’t compound on the opposite side of the island.

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be satire or a commentary on society but there are aspects that are a little too close for comfort. It is interesting that is was written in 2011 – and this one speech could literally have come out of a current US politicians mouth within the last couple months. What is is, is wildly entertaining! You start out with these oh so stupid, typical, beauty queens and end up with survivors and rooting for them! Interlaced with “commercials” for new beauty products and shows, it is a quick and fun read! Makes you think a little bit, but not too much. I seriously enjoyed it!!


Reviewed by:

Leah Filsinger

Added 20th October 2022

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