“A contemporary story of honor and commitment freely given and richly rewarded.”


The Princess by Lori Wick is a story about a young woman living in a small European country who is selected to become the prince’s bride. His first wife died early on in their marriage, and the law of the country requires that the heir to the throne be married by 26.

His heart wasn’t in finding a new wife, so he asked his parents to find a wife for him. The majority of this story is about Shelby and Nikolai figuring out how to have a married relationship with a complete stranger. It shows their struggles and insecurities and how they figured out their relationship with God’s help.

This book is one of my all time favorites. If I’m in a rut, in any part of life, all I need to do is pick up this book. It is just a well written book with great show and development and character. Shelby is an amazing person, and Wick does an excellent job of portraying her as a person that everyone wants to know. However, Shelby is not perfect and I really appreciate the flaws and mistakes Shelby made because it is definitely easy to relate to them.

Nikolai, although he kind of is a jerk in the first part, is a great guy! He is hurt over the loss of his first wife, but he is a very sweet person. I love seeing the process of him changing from a hurt and kind of resentful person to a loving and caring man! There aren’t too many extra characters in this book, which is a huge plus. There are enough characters to help the main ones stay round, but not so many that you have to keep track of them on a separate piece of paper.

I understand it a lot better now than when I read it as a teen. It seems like I learn and/or discover new things every time I read it. I just can’t express the love I have for this book!

There are a couple things that bother me in the book now and then, but I never let that stop me from reading it! Sometimes the internal thoughts of the characters or Bible verses can annoy me, and I skim or skip over them. The most recent time I read it the extra stuff did not seem as annoying as I remember from the past, so it may have been my mood at the time I was reading it. Other than that, I don’t have any complaints! This is a really easy read and one of my comfort books.

I give this book a 10/10 and recommend it Christian romance readers.


Reviewed by:

Rena Lanyon

Added 10th October 2015

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