“A tall tale and a serious work of literature…its reputation suggests that one “should” read it, and so far I would have to agree.”



Captain Corelli’s Mandolin is a beautifully written novel, set on the Greek Island of Cephalonia. Set during (and after) WW2 this story portrays the Wars history from a unique and different point of view.

It follows several colourful and unique main characters. Dr Iannis and his strong, intelligent daughter Pelagia in Cephalonia and two soldiers from Italy Captain Antonio Correlli and Carlo Guercio as well as many other interesting characters who run in paths with the main characters.

It is clear that De Bernière has put a lot of time into the research behind the novel, which covers the history of Cephalonia, the war and lots of complex issues surrounding the war.

A love story wrought with the tragedy of war and a coming together of unlikely friends. An emotional and brilliantly developed story that gets better and better as you read on.


Reviewed by:

Catherine Muxworthy

Added 27th January 2016

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