“I loved this book. It gave me the same waves of happiness I get from curling up with a classic Christie…The alternating points of view keep you guessing, and guessing wrong.”


I actually listened to this book.. the first full length audiobook I have finished. It was a good experience overall though the voices for most of the male characters did not match the character description at all, with their high pitch. The Irish accent for the ladies was pleasing though it took some getting used to.

An island miles away from anywhere else, completely isolated, the wedding of a celebrity couple, an exclusive guest list, stormy winds and tensions brewing from secrets learnt.. All of this is a perfect setting for a thriller which is what this was right up to the last four chapters!
With a dual timeline shifting from the wedding day to one day before and multiple voices telling the story, the anticipation was good.
The atmosphere was set well with the bog surrounding the island, the choppy water and the dangerous cliff edges all contributing to a sense of unease.

At a wedding, with the drinks flowing and all the revelry, you can’t really control who meets whom and lets slip what secret. 

So when the lights go off and a scream pierces through the howling winds blowing through the wedding marquee, it is like the culmination of all the dread that has been silently building up over the last two days.

For me, the end fell a bit flat after so much suspense and some of it was predictable, but the book did satisfy the ‘twist’ lover inside me for the most part!


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 14th June 2020

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