“An utterly compelling premise with wonderful writing. The characters . . . are so achingly real that one holds one’s breath with them. This is a layered, intelligent novel that will force any parent to consider exactly how far they would go to protect their child.”




Sweden is the setting for this story and its focus is a family consisting of a father (who is a pastor in The Church of Sweden), mother (a notable lawyer for the defense) and a daughter (recently turned eighteen who appears to have a long history with anger management issues).

The story unfolds told by the three members of the family in their own words beginning with the father. When the daughter is arrested for the murder of a young man the father decides that he needs to investigate the crime himself and looks to uncover the truth.

As each member of the family lends their voice to the work we learn a great deal about the history of the individuals…secrets and lies mainly. I found it a fascinating work full of twists and turns and highly enjoyable.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 12th March 2020

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