“The first novel in the Artefacts of Power series”


This is the first novel in the “Artefacts of Power” series of 4. Aurian is the child of two Mages making her – by default – a Mage herself. Her mother, Eilin grief stricken over the death of Aurian’s father several years ago, has left the city of Nexis, and centre of Magefolk power, in favour of quiet and isolation. Aurian’s powers, are manifesting as she grows up and Eilin is grudgingly persuaded to allow Aurian to go to Nexis where she can be properly trained.

Nexis is not an entirely happy city however – a fact which Aurian only comes to realise as she reaches young adulthood and sees how ordinary mortals are treated by the Magefolk. Aurian’s sympathy for ordinary mortals and the fact she falls in love with one put her at odds with the rest of the Magefolk. Drama and betrayal ensue and so the adventure really begins. As a result, we find out that this world is far more complex than originally thought, with multiple magical races; and thus the inevitable politics, misunderstandings and differing agendas you might expect.

In some ways, this is a standard coming of age story – but it’s a very good one with some great ideas. The main protagonist is female, which makes it part of a very small fantasy fiction subset (though less so now than when it was written). Furey’s style is very easy to read and flows naturally. The action moves along at a good pace as the author tells the story without extraneous padding. This is a great book to read if you’re in the mood for something engaging but not hard work.

Reviewed by:

Debbie McCarthy

Added 1st April 2015

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