“A great read if you enjoy fantasy fiction or Science fiction or just fiction.



A self-published Irish author, this is his first title so there is bound to be a mistake or two, but it doesn’t matter! Great characters, inviting story that makes you want the sequel to come out asap.

Wee Inc sends a search team to restore power to a facility in Eiru, a country not on any maps & hope to find the previous team, but what they find is straight out of a nightmare! No training would get them ready for what they found minutes after landing in Eiru.

With different types of dangers & beasts from Vampires, Minotaur’s, goblins, orcs, centaurs, Werewolves and the Prince of all Lycanthropes; this is a great start to what’s will be a amazing Saga/series. I think giving a chance this Saga could out do Twilight maybe be as good as the Potter series.

I’ve been lucky enough to met the author in Wexford, Ireland and he’s so cool.so down to earth but as random as turn come and that shoes in his books! Irish humor with characters that you will have some resemblance with, with Corporal Shannon Arigrave or Lieutenant Aisling Storm, Captain S.R Quis Podex or princess Carylon and more, I challenge you to read this and not want to know more about the project mortal Juggernaut symbiote, Prince Michéal, Viper and what is Were Inc’s agenda?

With something for everyone I can’t gush enough about this book, deceitful people, strange rare like creatures, folk lore beasts and a small team of people trying to survive while they keep their mission in mind, twists and turns keep you reading and guessing wanting more.


Reviewed by:

Michelle Hurberger

Added 30th March 2016