“Every aspect of this book is terrific, from the concrete details and rich language to the interactions among Alex, Ava, and Natasha . . .”



This is a very good story. I enjoyed it a lot. The story follows after Natasha Romanoff, world’s female deadliest assassin and a super hero association, saved a girl named Ava, from an evil mastermind thug Ivan Somodorov, a man behind Russian secret terrorist organization, the Red Room, who happened once to be Black Widows’s master.

I started to think that Ivan was somewhat a freak who loved to kidnap young girls and turned them to be his puppet soldiers. Fast forward, years later, Ava is a grown up teenage girl and she kept on dreaming about this boy he never knew or met in her life. One day, the boy she saw in her dreams appeared from nowhere in the public across the street.

She had no idea what’s her connection between the boy. He was a total stranger. To add more weirdness, Natasha Romanoff also started appearing to Ava’s life after disappearing years from Ava. One thing Ava cannot explain that at times she spoke fluent Russian without knowing it. Her strange ability gets even more mysterious. Stuff gets more interesting as the story goes deep into the plot.

I could experience myself being part of the story when reading this, it was well written and easy to read. I wanted to give this five stars but I couldn’t, was hoping for the best at the ending (could have been better) but still this is a wonderful story.

4/5 stars. Recommended.


Reviewed by:

M.D Khamil

Added 29th January 2017

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