“Warm, dark, sad, funny-and a little bit screwball…. This is an inventive and very funny novel that gets bonus points for transcending form.”



Color me… disappointed.

The first two-thirds of the book were sparkling and laugh-out-loud funny! I read it all in one sitting!

Then we find out HOW Bernadette disappeared, and it’s just so…lame.

How’d the snooty woman change so completely? And the whole Antarctica plot line is definitely wacky, but just too implausible for me. And then it ends: happily ever after, maybe.

What a group of privileged idiots w/ rich, first-world problems. I didn’t like the father at all; he was an entitled, clueless Microsoft exec. Bernadette was hilarious, especially when she called her fellow moms at her daughter’s private school “gnats.”

I also loved the “mixed media” writing: letters, receipts, etc., as the method to advance the plot, and again, I really loved the first two-thirds of the book. I’ll give it four stars.


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Added 15th October 2019