“One of the most fearless, determined and talented journalists ever to have covered wars.”



Many people are possibly familiar with her being one of the wives of writer Ernest Hemingway but in her own right she was one of the most brilliant and prolific investigative reporters of the twentieth century.

In this work Gellhorn takes us from war in Spain, many areas of campaigns in WWII, the middle east as well as Viet Namn, South America and although not a war the disaster of Chernobyl. Some of her reporting and interviews were so damning and explosive they were not even published in the news media.

She told it like it was, interviewing the people who were affected by the events. Perhaps the administrations of the leaders of the United States were afraid of the truth.

This was an eye-opening series of interviews and a legacy of a journalist who braved the dangerous areas to get the story told for the people of the world. Very revealing a remarkable collection of her stories. Highly recommend.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 18th March 2020

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