“A twisty, roller coaster ride of a debut. Fans of Gone Girl will embrace this equally evocative tale.”



Using the ‘different chapter, different narrator’ method, Kubica’s “Good Girl” lets us see inside the intimate grief, drive and hearts of our main characters. Naturally, every story has different sides; every character has different motivations; and our view of a good girl is based on only what she shows us, and how others see her as good.

We begin with a missing girl right out of the gate. The story is set up into before and after her return. It was comforting, as a parent to know that ‘everything ends up ok’ because she comes home, but clearly not all is well even after her return.

I won’t pretend to know what it’s like to have a child kidnapped, or to be kidnapped, or to kidnap someone, so I assume those experiences were true enough, but it was definitely unsettling listening to the kidnapper justify his actions and motivations. Those chapters were creepy and troubling.

There are small revelations throughout the book, and we’re set up to dislike certain unlikable characters, but there is a sense of foreboding that Kubica keeps going throughout.

While not a triple-axel, double-jump twist like some recent thrillers, we’re still left figuring out that we’re watching a train wreck that our characters set in motion. The solution comes at the very end (so don’t give up!), and then takes a few minutes for the reader to completely process. Because it comes after the storytelling is done, we don’t get to see our characters process the truth… it ends up being an intimate secret between the reader and the kidnapped girl.


Reviewed by:

Kerri Beany Foulks

Added 9th October 2015

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