“Kubica ratchets up tension and intrigue in The Other Mrs. Her salacious, thoroughly mysterious characters bear the qualities we all crave in a thriller – seductive, seemingly unknowable, and altogether unpredictable.”


In these uncertain, uncomfortable times, I like reading thrilling page turners that move fast and hold my attention. I love the mystery and thriller genre and so I tend to guess some of the twists these days, but it’s still the execution that keeps me reading.

This book fits the above criteria perfectly.
Will and Sadie Foust have moved very recently to Maine from Chicago, hoping for a fresh start after a not so good last year that strained their marriage and tested their parenting. The shift is more than just geographical because the house is on an island where outsiders aren’t looked upon very favourably. It is also a house that has a dark history and comes with Will’s rebellious, sulky teenage niece Imogen. Sadie finds it difficult to cope with the change and it gets worse when a neighbor is brutally murdered and the needle of suspicion is pointed at the new family.

Incredulous, because she didn’t even know Morgan, the woman who was killed, Sadie struggles to make sense of all the accusations leveled while trying to keep her family together.
There are multiple voices that tell the story and the best part is the very vivid descriptions and the action that really builds up the feeling of fear as the story progresses. Whether it’s the creepy darkness and creaky steps at night or the heavy snowfall obscuring everything and making a feeling of being trapped seem very real, the story reels you in especially towards the end.
A good, quick, enjoyable read.


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 20th June 2020

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