“FRANKENSTEIN is one of the most exciting and profound gothic horror stories and adventures of all time.”



Of what a strange nature is knowledge! It clings to the mind when it has once seized on it like a lichen on the rock.

If the plot is a flashback of a flashback of a flashback of a flashback, and all of these downfalls , then you’re for sure reading Frankenstein.

What a master piece!

Every scenery is expressed in such a beauty that visiting those in person would do no better than this.

And transition of the story, is completely convincing and purely logical, with a clear cut connection between incidents.

And the best part comes of the author, author logically and emotionally presents the two main characters that, judging who is the villain and who is the hero is far too difficult and unjust as well.

This is simply a tragedy , a tragedy of science, of humanity, of carelessness.

Though the fiend’s death is not revealed, which maintains a bit of suspense, I hope he would kill himself, predicting a perfect end to the story.

Often, today’s humanity does create a chunk of inhumane forces, here it’s the villain(both the characters are villanious according to me) , rather the inhumane turns out be a fiend with humanity, ofcourse with a touch of logic, that, human being doesn’t just put his knowledge in creating something, a great amount of feelings & emotions also go along, which is quite evident in this plot.


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Added 5th November 2016