“A winner from page one… A subtle, dog’s-eye view of the frailty of human relationships, it is perceptive, enchanting and destined to be this summer’s must read”



This was another book I had pressed into my hand by a friend. It’s written from the perspective of a young Labrador and you know from the outset, it’s not going to end well. The vast majority of the book is taken up with him explaining how he’s got to where he is now.

Some people have described this book as funny. If it is, it’s very dark comedy. I personally found it sad how much of a burden had been placed on this young dog by the (excuse the pun) religious dogma imposed upon him by his elders.

The gap between what he believes about how much he is responsible for what happens to his family, and the reality is tragic. The parallels between similar ideologies in our human world are obvious to draw.

The books does not show humans in a particularly good light either. The way they make a trainwreck of their own lives whilst exposing Prince to (admittedly rare) abuse by their houseguests is pretty damning. I really felt for this poor, young, dog pretty much from the outset.

Whilst not an enjoyable read, it was well written and interesting. It also serves as a reminder that no matter how much we think otherwise, our pets can pretty much tell everything about us due to their keen sense of smell! Certainly a book that makes you think and will stay with you for a few days.


Reviewed by:

Debbie McCarthy

Added 21st July 2015

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