“The Trap is a page-turner in the very best sense of the word. It’s clever, devious, and driven, and twists the reader inside out until it reaches a terrific ending.”



Linda Conrads is a best-selling author. The world is clamouring for her interviews, book reads and public appearances. Yet, she’s a recluse. She hasn’t stepped out of her house in the past 11 years! She suffers from panic attacks and anxiety.

What had happened to make her this way?
12 years back she stumbles upon the dead body of her sister, Anna, and sees the murderer, who manages to flee away.
Despite massive efforts from the police, and her own painstaking investigations, the murderer isn’t caught.

Guilt consumes her, and she suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, leaving her scared to venture out of her own house.

One day she sees the man on TV – Anna’s murderer. He’s a reputed journalist.
With no evidence, she can only do one thing.
Elicit a confession.

She sets herself a momentous task. She starts working on a crime novel in which she describes a murder that resembles the murder of her sister.
And for the first time, in her career, agrees to give an interview, based on the new novel, only to that man, Victor Lenzen.

As the day approaches, she is terrified, and yet she summons the murderer to her house.
Is she even sure it’s the same man? After all, it’s been 12 years!

What happens during the interview?
Does she elicit a confession or is she going to land up with the same fate as Anna?
Is Victor Lenzen really her man? Or could she possibly have made a mistake?

Started off slow, but picked up pace eventually.
The events are revealed as excerpts from her novel, like a story within a story.
The twists kept coming – and till about the 90% mark you will be kept guessing which way the story is going.
Ended a tad abruptly – but overall a good read.

4/5 for me.


Reviewed by:

Ranjini Sen

Added 5th November 2017

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