Brother Frankenstein is an exciting new take on a classic with great characters and unique spin. Highly recommended!



There are those books that you know are going to stay with you, they’re not common, not when you read as much as I do but every now and again you get a book that hooks into you and won’t let go.

Amish Cyberpunk.. That was what made me look more closely at this book.. After all how many versions of Frankenstein can there be?

It appears that an Amish Cyberpunk version is one I’d not expected..

Dr Chris Alexander is a self obsessed, self important, borderline alcoholic and probably sociopathic man with an awful lot of money, a huge intellect, access to the latest military grade materials and weaponry and a serious God complex.

Frank Miller, is eleven years old, Amish, autistic and dying.

Dr Alexander is his physician and he wants Frank to live.

HADroid is a military grade cyborg an almost indestructible robot with access to almost insurmountable weaponry and married to the heart and brain of a donor soldier, trained to cope with the transition, the capabilities and the responsibilities of such power.. Or perhaps the heart and brain of a terminally ill, eleven year old, autistic Amish boy..

He may be narcissistic, he may be an utter asshole but you empathise with Dr Alexander right from the get go. His motives may have been questionable initially but you soon realise he genuinely cares for young Frank, he truly wants him to live, to have a chance at a proper life and now he has that chance he’s not about to switch Frank off on the orders of some faceless bureaucrat..

This has all the classical ingredients of any good thriller, the mad scientist who is determined to see his experiment come to fruition and damn the consequences; a young, vulnerable boy who tugs at the heart strings and is an innocent victim whom everyone wants dead and not forgetting an underground group of technological whizzes determined to bring down a corrupt government and a Black Ops unit led by a complete and utter nutter.

I have never been more pleased to stumble upon a new author, the writing is full on right from the start and it runs full pelt right to the last word.. This is not a book for the gentle hearted, this is a book for the robust reader, one who can keep up with the author’s tempo..

It’s a wild ride and you will have to set alarms.. Or the children will remain uncollected, the family unfed and the dog un walked… It’s a book that needs to be devoured not nibbled at and it’s a book that left me breathless..

I need to find more Amish Cyberpunk..


Reviewed by:

Shan Williams

Added 22nd June 2015

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