“Life is full of second chances…if only you keep your heart open for them.”


As I am sitting here writing this, part of me wishes I was in my own teashop on the corner, however I am in the comfort of my own home, so that will have to do for now…until I find my own teashop J.

I have had this book since I went to Books in the City in June where I met the beautiful and lovely Milly Johnson

I am always looking for new authors to read and I am so glad that I went along as I now feel that I have found one of my favourite authors EVER!!

So what is this book about, I hear you ask. Well the Teashop on the corner is set in Spring Hill Square and is a pretty sanctuary away from the bustle of everyday life. It is here that 5 very different people:

Carla Pride, who at her beloved husband’s funeral discovers that Martin never divorced his first wife and has been living a double life with her. And his other wife, Julie Pride, is determined to take everything from Carla – her home, her money, and her memories.

Will Linton, who’s business goes bust he at least thinks that with the support of his trophy wife Nicole he will rise to the top again. But Nicole isn’t going to stick around with ‘a loser’ and Will finds himself at rock bottom.

Molly Jones who is being bullied into going into a retirement home by her ‘concerned’ daughter-in-law Sherry and son Gram. Then the love of Molly’s life walks in through her door – a man who broke Molly’s heart into little pieces many years ago. But he says he is dying and wants to spend the time he has left with her.

Young Ryan O’Gowan, who comes from the roughest family in the area but unlike the rest of his clan, Ryan wants to make something of his life.

Pavitar Singh a lonely retired doctor with a great love of literature – and a thirst for like-minded company.

All these very different people are in need of a little love and compassion who find it by chance in the stationery and teashop run by Leni, a woman that site developer Shaun McCarthy finds annoying for her ability to remain unrealistically upbeat about everything.

My Thoughts

I can honestly say, hand on heart that this is my favourite book of the year. I read this book in 2 days, I just couldn’t put it down and when I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about what was going to happen next. I was gripped from the very first line till the very end.

What I loved, was the interaction between the characters and the way in which they got to know each other, and by the end of the book I felt that I knew the characters myself to the point that I was imagining what they looked like. As a matter of fact, I was over at my local shops and I walked past someone who looked like how I had envisioned Pavitar Singh to look like, which has been the first time that has ever happened to me whilst reading a book.

I felt so much love for the characters whilst at the same time I had dislikes to certain characters who were briefly mentioned. This is what I loved about Milly’s writing, that even after knowing little information about some characters you can still form an opinion on them.

I had so many laughs but also some tears whilst reading this book, I finished the book whilst I was on my lunch break at work, and I had to go back with red eyes due to the emotion I felt whilst reading it, I wish it could have carried on forever, but even I know that all good things must come to an end. I loved the realism of the book, whilst reading every word, I was imagining how the teashop looked, the display units holding the stationary, the post cards on the wall, how the characters looked, dressed and acted.

Milly writes with love, warmth and humour. She creates settings that descriptive that it’s hard not to imagine them as your reading. She created a teashop which many readers alike will hope exists somewhere and if it doesn’t then one should.

The characters are realistic to the point where you find yourselves relating to them one way or another, you find yourself routing for characters within certain situations. Milly is a fantastic writer and deserves all the praise and success that she receives, I have recommended this book to everyone I know that reads and I feel it is a perfect summer read, as well as a perfect companion whilst wrapped up on a cold winters night with a large cup of tea 🙂

Milly Johnson, it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope one day to meet you again, just to tell you in person how much I love your books, if only I could be transported into The Teashop on the Corner, but we can’t have everything eh lol. I look forward to reading more of your fabulous books in the coming months (have a couple I need to read)

I give this book 100 out of 5, I loved it that much, I will definitely be reading this again before the year is out.

Milly Johnson….I salute you


Reviewed by:

Kimberleu parsonage

Added 16th August 2015